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Items Patch

Download items.zip (14kB)
(Contains item.dat and t1.rsc files.)

This is a patch I wrote to fix some of the oversights in the game's items, and make some improvements. I have also added a few new items.

To use this patch, first make a backup copy of the "item.dat" file in your Aethra directory. Download and unzip the new "item.dat" file into your Aethra directory, overwriting the old one. That will apply all of the fixes. (It will not change items you were carrying before the patch, but it will fix new items you find, and items that you drop and then pick up.)

To get the three new items to appear, start a new game. Save the game and exit. Copy the new "t1.rsc" file into the saved game subdirectory (e.g., SAVE1) for the new game. (Note that this will not work without the new "item.dat" file installed.)

This patch makes the following changes:

The three new items (and their indices) are:

Roguish Cap (351)
Rogue only. Worn on head (as helmet). +4 movement; +35 defense; +1 shots; +20 HP; +1 swings; +2 shock and mind resistances; +1 water resistance; +10 to all "skills" (Pick Locks, Disarm Traps, Deadly Strike, Trading, Unarmed, Handheld, Bows, Item ID, Runes, Detect Traps, Perception, Mythic Lore, Woods Lore, Mountaineering).
Shire Sandals (352)
Hobbit only. Worn on feet. +7 movement; +10 defense; +3 shots; +10 pick locks; +10 disarm traps; +20 bows; +20 HP; +10 detect traps; +20 mountaineering; +5 water resistance
Titan's Bracers (353)
Fighter only. Worn on arms. +5 movement; +15 handheld weapons; +2 swings; +30 defense; +2 minimum and maximum damage; +2 mind resistance

If you wish to know where the three new items are hidden, scroll down to the bottom of this page. If you wish to seek them yourself, then refrain.
Remember: You must insert t1.rsc into each new game that you start, or the items will not all show up!

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The Roguish Cap is in the tunnels underneath Puero Cemetary.

The Shire Sandals are in the bandit cave northwest of Manask.

The Titan's Bracers are in the northwest chamber of Kazreen's lair.

Also, the useless Scroll of Mages in Kazreen's lair has been replaced with a Chain of Mages. (If you don't use the t1.rsc file provided here, then the Roguish Cap will show up there instead.)