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Character Stats Editor

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Updated to v.1.02 on 5/3/09.
Added the ability to edit: Number of weapon swings; number of bow shots; resistances; inventory size; spell lists known.

I wrote this program very long ago, to view and edit character statistics. It (or rather its compiler) is so old that you will probably have to run it the same way that you run "The Chronicles of Aethra": In DosBox, in some other emulator, or on a computer with an old operating system. It must be run in the directory containing Aethra so that it can find the saved games.

Once you have it running, it's mostly self-explanatory. There are just a couple of odd things that you may wish to note:

"Gold exponent" and "Experience exponent" refer to powers of two. (Technically, it's the start of a floating point number.) Roughly, this means that if you increase the exponent by one, you will double your gold or experience. Setting it to 160 will set your gold or experience to over two billion.

Your characters' skills will not automatically change to reflect changes that you make to their ability scores. This is because the game keeps track of these separately. If you want to realistically adjust your characters' skills after changing their abilities, consult the "Bonus Effects" table on my stats page.

If you are changing statistics to reasonable levels (not, e.g., 5000) you may wish to unequip everything first. This is because the numbers you will be editing are the final values, including current equipment bonuses. If two characters wielding a longsword and a longsword++ are given Handheld Weapon skill 80, the latter isn't really benefitting from their enchantment bonus. If they both later wield Swift Killers, the former character will have a twenty point advantage over the latter (unless you do more editing). This also goes for armor when editing defense, etc.

"Inventory size" can be manipulated to duplicate items. When a character with (for example) ten items gives away an item, their inventory size becomes nine, but the item that was in the tenth slot is still recorded, in that unused slot. If you then change their inventory size to ten, they will now have a duplicate of that item.

Finally, this program has uses aside from cheating: You can use it to view hidden statistics, such as resistances and number of attacks per round. And you can change your character's portrait and name. See the list of portraits.

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