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Welcome to Yvelheim!

The home of Yarvis, Blovis, and...

Reality starts here.

A haven and playground for those who think, or who at least think that they think.

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Yvelheim is a fantasy realm. It is a work of humor, adventure, puzzles and philosophy, with some insults thrown in for righteous measure.

The adventure starts here. It leads to puzzles whose answers get you into password-protected areas, which contain other entertaining works. They also contain more puzzles, which eventually lead to the Book of Answers.

But there's an awful lot of entertaining stuff here that doesn't require solving puzzles. Want to laugh your ass off? Read the true stories of my exploits as The Smart-ass Cashier. Want some light philosophy? Take a seat in The Comfy Chair. Or would you rather tackle all the really big questions? Then skip straight to The Book of Answers (which I have made public because nobody has yet solved the final puzzle).

It's all copyright by me (Joe Levy), of course. Heck, I even registered a bunch of this stuff with the Library of Congress so that I could use that funny little "©" symbol. Isn't it great? © © © © © © © © ©!

Though most parts of Yvelheim can be accessed by exploring it, you may skip directly to specific parts of it via the Yindex. (A few of the pages can be reached only through the Yindex.)

If you are having trouble navigating Yvelheim, please read the on-line help. For questions, read the YAQ or contact me.

Some material available in Yvelheim is potentially offensive. You may wish to see whether you are on the list of people who will be offended.

If you just want to get out of here, jump up to the trebuchet; it's my outside links list.


What, you're still here? The introduction is over! Well, if you are reading this diligently, perhaps you can help me out by letting me know if you find any errors (typographical, informational, format-related, or whatever). For that matter, feel free to contact me to tell me what you think of Yvelheim, to ask me for information, or to strike up a conversation. Contact Blimix.

For they who leave the consistent path may still find their destination, but only to those who know it back and forth will the land yield its secrets.

Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd!

Blimix is Joe Levy
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